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IT for this Generation

Check out the different packages we provide. See which one best fits your needs.

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Free up your time so you and your employees can focus on your business

The IT department for business that don't have an IT Department.  Let us worry about your Computer and Network issues and be prepared for when issues arise.

Phone, Email, and Onsite Support

Our technicians are available to help with any technical issue in which ever way works best for you, either in person or remote.

Patch Management

Let us worry about keeping your systems up to date and secure, while never interrupting your workflow.


Never lose your valuable data with onsite and cloud backup options. Disaster Recovery plans keep your business running in the event catastrophic failure.


Our top of the line Antivirus can keep your computers and employees safe while surfing the web and opening emails. 

What are Managed Services?

Red Shirt Techs prides itself on reliability and transparency. We started our venture after many years in IT after seeing poor customer service, regardless on the level of technical excellence. Our mission is to bridge the gap between customer service and expertise so that Business Owners can trust their IT Support once again.

We keep up on all the latest hardware and software so you can focus on what matters most to you, your business. Our Managed Services provides owners and managers with the peace of mind that their computers and network are safe. Let us free up the time of the end users so that they can focus on their work, instead of figuring out how to setup a printer or configure a server.


Managed Service Packages

Check out our Month to Month packages below.

Get a jump on problems before

they become a problem!

NX Class - Monitoring Only


  • Remote Monitoring of Critical Server Functions

  • Remote Phone Support (1hr/Mo for free)

  • Preventative maintenance of Servers & Workstations; Updates, Patches, Fixes, Etc.

  • Access to Emergency After Hours Help line

Any additional work to be charged based on our hourly rate. 

Automated support keeps

machines running at their

peek performance

Constitution Class - Automated Support

Included - Everything in the NX Class +

  • Remote Phone Support (2hr/Mo for free)

  • Automated Updates for supported 3rd party applications + Automated Fixes (Full Drive, Cache Cleanup, Etc.)

  • First 3 hours of labor included for new RST Workstation

  • Antivirus on Workstations and Desktops

  • Access to Emergency After Hours Helpline (Reduced Rates)

  • Cloud Backups (50GB Per User Pooled storage)  Addon Available

Like having your own IT Department without harboring nerds in the basement

Galaxy Class - Full Managed Services

Included - Everything in the Constitution Class +

  • Remote Phone Support Included!

  • Access to Emergency After Hours Help line (Even Lower Rate!)

  • Cloud Backups Included! (50GB Per User Pooled storage)

  • Maintenance of network EQ and maintenance of ISP Relationship

  • Maintenance of Network Printers and other Network attached devices

  • Reduced Rate for Adds/Moves/Changes!

What Are The Next Steps?

Call, Email, fill out the contact page, carrier pigeon, or yell outside your door REALLY Loud and if we hear that, or when we check the email, we can schedule a FREE Onsite consultation to evaluate you and your company's needs. We will sit down with you and your team and go over how we feel we can help as your new IT Department. Answer any and all questions you may have about our services and go over any recommendations we feel may help improve your workflows and goals.  

The Technician who performs the consultation will be decked out with PPE, like Masks, hand sanitizer, and certain charm and charisma that will make you think "Maybe HE was the one that wrote that website" And you'd be right.



Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Head on over to our Contact Page to receive your FREE Consultation. 

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