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About RST

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Red Shirt Techs prides itself on reliability and transparency. We started our venture after many years in IT after seeing poor customer service, regardless on the level of technical excellence. Our mission is to bridge the gap between customer service and expertise so that Business Owners can trust their IT Support once again.

Programming Console

Our Story

Red Shirt Techs was founded by George Thaxton. He has always been in the IT Field ever since High School when starting off at a local computer repair shop. There was a dark summer he flipped burgers, but we don't talk about that. 

Integrity has always been the top priority of George as he worked more and more with local businesses. A Passion grew for helping streamline workflows and utilizing technologies to bring businesses into the 21st century. 

George has instilled these practices and ethics into all of his techs to ensure his high standards of security and ease of use are reflected in every ticket we handle.

Since starting back in 2019 Red Shirt Techs has strived to be an active member in the Henderson Community by helping small businesses start, grow, and streamline their services to better help their own customers.

Meet The Team

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