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IT for this Generation

Free Diagnostics

No Fix, No Fee!

Flat Rates, No Hourly Fees

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The IT department for your home and family. We work on all forms of electronics to ensure that you stay connected to your friends and family in a safe and secure way. 

Phone, Email, and Onsite Support

Our technicians are available to help with any technical issue in which ever way works best for you, either in person or remote.

Software Tune up

Your system running slow? maybe you got applications that are dragging down the performance of your machine. Let our pros get your computer running nearly as good as the day you got it. 

Hardware Swaps

Let our experts replace hardware and ensure it is installed with the certainty it will be done right. Hard Drives, Laptop Screens, RAM, and so much more. 


We remove all sorts of Malware and Malicious software from your device. Using top of the line software we can clean your computer and prevent further infections.


Come check out our location

In the Albertson's Shopping Center

Next to Marco's Pizza and Chicken Shack

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